Hot Lava & Cold Concrete

Head to MetalSuck to hear our cover of “Lava” by Ministry. When you’re finished with that, head to Pitchfork to hear Andy Stott’s remix of our song “Concrete.” Also, we made Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of the Year; thanks Decibel!

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Split Seven-Inch with Kowloon Walled City

We are pleased to announce that Brutal Panda Records is now accepting pre-orders for our split seven-inch with Bay Area heavyweights Kowloon Walled City. Kowloon’s principle guitarist slash vocalist slash our good friend Scott Evans joins us for a cover of “Lava” by Ministry while our very own Fade Kainer offers his vocal chords to Kowloon for a cover of “Anthem” by Godflesh. You can stream the latter at Stereogum, but for the former you’ll have to shell out a whopping six-ninety-nine-plus-shipping to Brutal Panda. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for that annoying Coldplay-lover in your life. Order here.

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“Concrete” Video

Gretchen Heinel has made a video for “Concrete.”

For more information about the video, see the press release. For more information about Gretchen, see her website (NSFW).

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‘Concrete Sustain’ Record Release Party Announced

Public Assembly in Brooklyn will be hosting a release party for ‘Concrete Sustain’ on Saturday, April 27. Joining us will be Inter Arma and Earthling. It’s an early show– should be something like Earthling at 8, Inter Arma at 9, and us at 10. We’ll have CD and vinyl copies of the new album for sale, of course. Tickets are available now.

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Update from the Road

The best thing about SXSW is being in once place for several days in a row. No long drives, no gas station coffee, no fast food. And we’ve had no double-headers, which makes loading in and out much easier.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has come out to a show, bought a record, bought a t-shirt, booked a show for us, played with us, put us up for the night, etc. Click through for some photos from the last few weeks and if you live in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Tallahassee, Chapel Hill, or Richmond, we’ll see you soon.

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‘Concrete Sustain’ Vinyl

Did you manage to make it through all eleven minutes and 39 seconds of yesterday’s video? Did it give you humorrhoids, too?

Cvlt Nation has a different take, saying that ‘Concrete Sustain’ is “the sound of modern doom, and each track here holds dear to its heart the essence and core of the doom genre, yet Batillus twist it and turn it onto something new and different and a marvel to experience.”

Pick up the imported Vendetta pressing vinyl (limited colored vinyl pictured above, we also have standard black– these records look fantastic!) from us when you see us at a show and you’ll get a code to download MP3s of the album courtesy of Seventh Rule.

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“Not That Bad, Not That Good”


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Listen to “Mirrors,” Tour Starts Tomorrow

Tour starts tomorrow in Chicago, see dates above or here. Imported vinyl copies of ‘Concrete Sustain’ appeared out of nowhere yesterday (USPS claims to this very minute that they’re still in Frankfurt, Germany), less than 24 hours before our scheduled departure. CD copies will be available at shows soon too, but not for the first few shows. In the meantime, listen to “Mirrors” over at Invisible Oranges.

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“Concrete” is Streaming Online, We’re Going on Tour

You can get a first taste of ‘Concrete Sustain‘ over at Pitchfork in the form of the album’s opening track “Concrete.” Put it in your earholes.

‘Concrete Sustain’ will be out March 19 on Seventh Rule and around the same time in Europe on Vendetta. We are going on tour to… whatever the kvlt version of “celebrate” is. Click through for the dates. Also, Twitter.
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We’re Playing with YOB on Monday

Yes, another Monday show. This time with YOB and Sea of Bones. Tickets here. Also be on the lookout for a tour announcement in the coming days.

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