‘Batillus’ EP reviewed on Deaf Sparrow

"Doom is about nuances in a black hole. Doom is about distortion and about what you put on top of it. Doom is about slowly transcending… "Batillus knows this very well. And that is why the three tunes included in this their introductory EP do not fall into what is traditionally called doom metal. To start with, there is a big dose psychedelia here, and sure Black Sabbath were trippy in their very own way, but for the most part what was known as doom throughout most of the 90’s stirred clear of mind altering sounds. The marriage is perfect. There is something utterly deranged about being outta your mind on drugs and there is also something deranged about spending half an hour bobbling your head to something as slow and rumbling as Batillus. It is both, hedonistic and masochistic." - Hansel Merchor

Read the entire review here. Thanks Hansel!